Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Silly signs

A big deal has been made about the 40 km/h limit outside schools.  I have read the odd complaint from motorists who have been fined in these zones when they failed to see the 40 km/h warning signs.

Here are two of the school zone signs outside Mortlake Primary School.  Oops, only one is visible.  The second is hiding behind that tree.

On second thoughts, it is hiding in the tree.

The view from the rear.

I am not going to make a fuss about this because the sign on the left hand side of the road is clearly visible, and the RTA paints big yellow boxes on the road to mark these zones as well.  They are pretty hard to miss. 

What gets me though is this - I asked the RTA last week to remove graffiti from signs around this school.  I even got a response from the RTA today - GE08/5462, to say that the graffiti had been removed.  

I refer to your e-mail concerning graffiti on the School Zone signs around Mortlake Primary School.
The RTA has arranged for the signs to be cleaned or replaced.
Thank you for bringing this matter to attention.
Kind regards
RTA Customer Services

If the RTA crew checked every single sign around the school, how did they fail to notice that this particular sign was completely and utterly obscured by a tree?  This is not what I would call a "quality outcome".

The sign below is very much end of life.  It dates from the days of the Municipality of Concord, which disappeared about 10 years ago when it was merged to form the City of Canada Bay.  If you can tell me what this sign is supposed to say, I'd like to know.  I reported this to Council today, along with a few other things, and they'll take care of it - because it is ugly and it has to go.

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