Saturday, October 25, 2008

Should schools care about graffiti?

This post is about Energy Australia kiosk 2729, which is opposite Concord High School.  I've written to the school in an attempt to get them to take some ownership of this kiosk (which means making a phone call to Energy Australia every now and then when it gets vandalised).  In my view, schools should be doing their utmost to maintain a graffiti-free environment, because if it is not removed quickly, kids will get the impression that no one cares about it, and it is therefore ok to do it.

I also take the view that there is little point in keeping a school clear of graffiti and then not giving a bugger about the surrounding environment.  I go past this spot from time to time when school has finished for the day, and see kids walking past all sorts of vandalised structures on their way home or to the bus stop.  Is there much point in giving them an anti-graffiti lecture, when if they look through the fence of their school, they see something like this staring at them from across the road?

Energy Australia and The Department of Education are both members of a government anti-graffiti taskforce, and they're supposed to be co-ordinating their anti-graffiti strategies and campaigns.  When I see things like the above kiosk outside a school, I wonder whether the anti-graffiti taskforce has met even once since it was setup in 2006, because they don't seem to be co-ordinating much of anything.

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