Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some success this week

The sound barrier that I have circled in red used to have a huge bit of graffiti on it.  I reported that to the RTA, and now it's clean.

Domremy College responded today to say thanks for pointing out the graffiti to them, and for reporting graffiti on RTA signage around the school.  

I reported graffiti on this picnic table to Council last week - all clean now.

Just about every surface in this park was covered in graffiti - until I reported it.  All clean now, so that people like these dog walkers can enjoy a nice day in the park with their mutts without having to see graffiti everywhere.

This fence at the boat ramp was damaged - someone had kicked over the poles.  All fixed now.  Except for the rubbish.

There was graffiti on this kiosk - all gone now.

There was an abandoned car here - now it's gone.

I don't tend to dwell on what has worked - I only go back to where I have failed to achieve an outcome.  This is just a small sample of where a simple phone call, or a short letter, or 2 minutes work on a web page, has led to a small improvement in the place where we live.  All of the above has happened in the last month.  It isn't that hard - you can do it too.

To bastardize the saying from "Field of dreams" - report it, and it will go.

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