Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 407 and 466 bus routes

As an experiment, I travelled along a bus route and photographed all the Sydney Bus infrastructure that I could find - clean and dirty.

Note the map on the pole - this photo really doesn't show just how filthy and faded it is.

Graffiti in a bus shelter.

An almost clean bit of bus signage.

The one completely clean sign along this part of the route.

Either someone has done an incredibly bad job of cleaning graffiti off this seat, or it has been here so long, people sitting on it have partly worn it off.

Signage, seating and shelters are all part of the image that Sydney Buses presents to the public.

From these images, you could conclude that a fairly unattractive image is being presented.

Are any drivers or inspectors bothering to report damage and graffiti? If they are, is anyone bothering to come out and fix it? I've been down this route a bit over the last few months, and this is how all this signage has looked over that time. Nothing has been cleaned or refreshed.


Anonymous said...

State transit are not responsible for Bus Stop infrastructure except for information supply, the rest is under the control of local councils.

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

I thought that was the case, so I originally rang Canada Bay Council and asked them about it, and they said that it was not their problem - that I had to contact State Transit!

Nothing like getting bounced back and forth between local government and a state government corporation.

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