Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sydney Water vs Canada Bay Council

The brick building on the right is a toilet block, owned by Canada Bay Council.  The graffiti covered structure on the left belongs to Sydney Water.

On my first visit to this site around 17 July, the toilet block was clean (on the outside at least) and the Sydney Water building had about half the graffiti on it that it has now.

From Sydney Water
I reported this to Sydney Water via their online system, and when I checked about a month later, I found that the job had been closed, but the original graffiti had not been removed. Indeed, more graffiti had been applied in the interim.

When I went past a few weeks back, the graffiti had spread to the toilets, so I reported it once again to Sydney Water, and the toilets to the Council.

I went past yet again yesterday, and the toilets had been cleaned of all graffiti.  However, the Sydney Water building was as bad as ever.

Sydney Water is a state owned corporation (SOC), meaning that it is supposed to operate with the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of a private sector company.  

Canada Bay Council is in the much-maligned, supposedly slow moving and useless local government sector.

You wouldn't believe it looking at these photos though, would you.

It is possible that by the time Sydney Water get around to cleaning their building, the untreated graffiti on it will have attracted vandals back to this spot, and they will hit the Council toilets again.  If that happens, in my opinion, Sydney Water should pay to have the toilets cleaned and offer an apology to Council for the sluggishness of their actions, and their lack of civic mindedness.  The bloke that really deserves an apology is the Council worker that has to remove the graffiti - Sydney Water are not making his job any easier or more rewarding.

(In case anyone from Sydney Water is reading this and doesn't get my analogy, think in terms of sewerage.  Flies are attracted to poo.  If you leave poo lying around out in the open, flies will keep coming back to it.  Graffiti is like poo, and vandals are like flies.  Remove the graffiti and the vandals will return less often).

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