Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Australia Post - taking notice?

This photo shows the following things:

  • A post office
  • A red mailbox
  • A green mail delivery box
  • A postman loading up his saddlebags from the green mail delivery box

From Australia Post

Notice something about the green box?

Yes, it has graffiti on it.

I can understand Australia Post having a graffiti problem.  They have an awful lot of letterboxes and post offices.

However, what I can't understand is how any graffiti on an Australia Post asset can go unreported for more than 24 hours.  At least one person must work in the post office in this picture 5 days a week, and they would walk straight past these two boxes out the front.  A postal contractor visits the red mailbox once a day to collect the mail and transfer it to a sorting centre.  A postie (like the one on the scooter) visits several times to collect mail from the green box for delivery to local homes and businesses.  A van from the sorting centre would also visit once a day to deposit saddlebags into the green box for collection and onward delivery by the posties.

With all those employees visiting sites like this, how can they all fail to notice any graffiti and report it?  That's what I would like to know.  Because if they are all blind, I will start addressing my envelopes using braille.  

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Anonymous said...

There's a phone number for reporting graffiti on mail boxes. It is only answered on week days. I'll leave the reporting about the two boxes across the road to others, in their work break through the week!