Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reporting graffiti around the Five Dock library

I first noticed some tags on the side of the Five Dock library on Friday night.  I was going to report them to Council yesterday, but I thought "to hell with that".  There are numerous Council staff working in the library - I'm going to let them take care of it, so that if it appears again, they might report it themselves without me having to chase them.

So I rang the library this morning and let them know that they had been tagged, as well as Fred Kelly Place, and asked the lady who took my call to report it to Council.  She didn't sound too sure about that, but all the resources that she needs are on the Council website, and she is working in a library after all, which is all about information retrieval.

I'm more interested in training people to spot problems and report those problems themselves than having me do it for them.  I don't want to be the "somebody" in their somebody else's problem.

Update - Friday 22nd.

I rang Council this morning and asked them to do a search on their system to see if anyone from the library had reported it.  They couldn't find an entry in the system, so I asked that someone have a chat with the manager of this area and instruct them on how to report graffiti on the assets under their control.  They can then pass the message on to their staff.  

If a council employee can't figure out how to report graffiti on a council asset to the council service centre, what hope have we got?

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