Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A hopeful sign

There is nothing wrong with this sign.  It has not been vandalised or defaced in any way.

I took this photo because of the caption on the bottom section:

"Cared for by Bushcare volunteers".

Three important words stand out there - cared for and volunteers.

People give their own time to take care of this area.  They aren't paid to keep this area tidy and the bushwalk in good condition.  They don't have a boss standing over them telling them to clear scrub and weeds and repair the paths.  They have to provide their own equipment and they come to this spot and contribute to making this a better place of their own accord.

If some people are willing to contribute their own time, sweat, money and effort into improving our quality of life, why is it that some organisations find it so hard to do the same when they are paying their employees to do a job, providing them with cars, computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and the like, and supplying them with training and checklists and management oversight?

Why is it that some people, who are paid so much, care so little?

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