Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Legs on the Wall gets hit again

It's only a week since I visited the Legs on the Wall theatre site, and since then, vandals have struck again.

There is a chain link fence topped with barbed wire around the entire site, but that has not kept the vandals out.  The fence is not much use to this sign, as it sits outside the fence.  Someone has had fun modifying the address.

The graffiti appears to be limited to a number of roller doors on only one building.  I didn't have a proper look through the entire site - I'll leave that to the property managers - Preston Rowe Paterson Valuers.  I have emailed one of their Directors, Greg Preston, asking him to get someone onto it.

It took me about 1 minute of sleuthing to discover how they gained entry - the fence has been pulled up at the bottom next to this building and the vandals have obviously crawled in and out.

I have helped to build a number of fences on farms to keep livestock from running amok, and this fence would not pass muster on any farm that I've ever been on. The red line shows a bottom wire stringer that runs along the bottom of the fence.  Whoever put this fence up should have wired the chain link material to this bottom wire to prevent it from being lifted up. Sheep, goats and cattle usually try to same trick as this to get under a fence, but if it's built properly, they can't.  But whoever built this fence didn't do it right, which allowed someone to trespass and vandalise the site.  

All that it needs is a length of fencing wire, some strong pliers and someone to go around the entire fence tying it off properly at the bottom.  Unless vandals are quite organised, it is unlikely that they would be wandering around with the type of pliers that could cut through the fencing ties or the chain link, and that also presumes that they are patient enough and have enough time to cut through the fence without being detected.  In this case, because the fence is not constructed properly, anyone with a modicum of upper body strength could have easily lifted this bit of fence in a few seconds.  

A better built fence would take longer to get through, and the more time it takes to gain entry, the greater the risk of being caught, so a properly built fence is more likely to deter future vandalism.

The contractor who built  the fence should be told to come back and do it properly - for free.

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