Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RailCorp forget about bridge

I wrote to RailCorp about this bridge on 13 May.  I got a response over a month later, on 21 June, stating that my letter had been passed to the relevant management area.  

Notice that the letter said nothing about taking any action - the letter had simply been passed on.

I went past the bridge again yesterday and noticed fresh graffiti - the bit in the red box.  

The colourful pink/purple letters at the end of the bridge are also new.  But here is the kicker - I spotted a RailCorp maintenance truck parked nearby, so I went over and asked the crew if they were there to paint the bridge.  They looked rather surprised by my question, and stated that they had never seen a work order to do any work on this bridge.

We chatted for about 10 minutes (they were waiting for their Team Leader to arrive before starting on another job nearby) and I explained how I have been trying to get the graffiti cleaned off.  They stated that there appeared to be some confusion internally about who was responsible for this particular bit of track (it is hardly used anymore, and various groups are trying to grab it as a greenway or Light Rail pathway), and that the position of Regional General Manager for this area is vacant.  The RGM is presumably the person with the budget and delegated authority to spend money on a project like this.  If there is no one doing that job, then nothing is going to happen.

The RTA have done their bit - this is what this bit of pedestrian bridge next door  used to look like.  It only took them a few days to respond to my letter and clean this spot up.  I took the photo of the RailCorp bridge standing on this RTA pedestrian bridge.  

What annoys me is that the continued presence of graffiti on the RailCorp structure acts as a magnet to pull vandals back to this location, and when they come, they deface everything in the area.  That means the poor old RTA has to come back and repaint their asset, and then watch it get hit all over again because RailCorp won't lift a finger to fix their asset next door.

The RTA structure already has a few minor tags like this on it.  Interestingly, these appear to be done in crayon rather than paint.  Maybe paint is getting hard to come by these days?

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