Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Followup on abandoned van

I spotted this seemingly abandoned van back on 21 July - nearly a month ago today.  It's still there, with number plates attached.  That means either Council Rangers have not yet visited it to check it out, or they have checked it out, done the paperwork and submitted it to the Police, but the Police have not attended to remove the number plates.  An abandoned vehicle can't be towed until the Police have removed the plates.

That seems like an overly bureaucratic process to me, and one where it's all too easy for the paperwork to be lost or forgotten about (and it is all done via paper, and the Council offices and Police Station are several miles apart, so it's not like someone from Council can just pop next door to followup on where the Police are up to).

So I rang Council to follow it up, and it looks like it got lost in a crash of their web based system.  I've now put in a report over the phone, and asked Council to call me or email me when it's towed away (if it warrants removal).  On this one, we'll see if the loop gets closed.

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