Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barnwell Park golf club - followup

Back around 9 July, I made a few phone calls to see if I could get the graffiti on the equipment cabinet (in the red box below) cleaned off.  As I noted back then, I was given a bit of a run around, and had little confidence that anything would ever be done about it.  

The thing is, the golf club building in the photo belongs to Canada Bay Council, but the equipment cabinet attached to it belongs to Telstra.  Although Council has a graffiti cleaning truck, they can't touch the cabinet, even though it is on their land and attached to their building.

Madness?  I will leave that to you to decide.

From Barnwell Park...

The gist of what I was told was that Telstra would have to take care of getting the graffiti removed.  Now I have had several dealings with Telstra to date, and none of them have been successful. 

However, I went past yesterday, and some blotchy paint had been applied over the graffiti.  I would prefer to see blotchy paint rather than graffiti, and I'd prefer to see it a month after first reporting it rather than never.  Something is better than nothing.

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