Monday, August 18, 2008

Putney Park

Someone has been on a rampage down Pellisier St and through Putney Park, pushing over signs like the one below.

From here, you can see three signs either bent over or pushed out of the ground.

A rather suspiciously bent sign on the other side of this playground.

A plinth on its side.

There is a rather faded sign at the playground stating that this area is looked after by Enviro-Serve, but the phone number has been rubbed out. I was going to phone Council from this spot, but couldn't find a contact number anywhere.

Note the bush that has grown up to obscure a sign at the bottom of this plinth, as well as half-smothering some resucitation guidelines (in case a kid drowns in the pool at this spot). Not very smart.

Update - I rang Ryde Council this morning on 9952 8222 and reported this damage, along with the mess down at the wharf.  The reporting process was very quick and efficient.  I won't be back that way for a while, so I won't be posting any updates on getting it cleaned up.

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