Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord

I have tried something different with this post.  I have created an album in Picasa and geocoded it using Google Maps.  If you click on the photo below, it will take you to an album showing all the photos in this set.  I am still trying to figure out how this works.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord

In the south eastern corner of Queen Elizabeth Park, there is a circular stone garden feature of some sort with stone seats around the edge.  The stone caps have been knocked off in some places and tossed into the garden - they need picking up and cementing back into place.

As usual, I'll have to call Canada Bay Council in the morning to report it.  What looks like another case of malicious damage.  

Update - I've reported it to Council.  Describing it over the phone was really difficult.  I should have just sent an email with a link to this page.

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