Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Graffiti around electorate of Drummoyne - part II

I took around 50 photos of vandalism in the area around Concord and Breakfast Point today.  These are the first 20 or so.

We start with the Barnwell Park golf course club house - this has been like this for some months.  I rang the number listed on the website, and found myself talking to the Pro Shop.  He told me to call 9713 1162, which I did, and found that the person who knew anything about it was on leave for a few weeks.  I was then put on to a bloke that explained that this particular corner of the building belongs to Telstra, and they are responsible for cleaning it up.  Whilst he was sure Telstra were aware of it, I am not.  In matters like this, I prefer to assume nothing and check for myself.  It's quite possible that Telstra staff or contractors are visiting on a regular basis, noticing the external graffiti but doing nothing about reporting it - as they see it as not being their problem.

This is a pathway not far from the golf club house.

More graffiti along the pathway fences.

The same pathway, further along.

A bit further along Lyons Rd, around where it turns into Crane St.

The concrete road divider on this corner is constantly being repainted by the RTA to cover graffiti, as the patches of paint show.

Just up Crane St, opposite Concord High School.

Also opposite Concord High School.

A substation opposite Concord High School.  I've emailed the school asking them to keep an eye on this substation (adopting it) and to report any graffiti to Energy Australia.  

A drycleaning business a bit further along Crane St.

A pathway alongside Rothwell Park near the Concord Shops - along Majors Bay Road.  Note that the sign says "Do the right thing".  How ironic.

A business on Majors Bay Road.

The corner of Majors Bay Road and Wellbank Street.  Given that this is, or used to be, a hardware store, you'd think the owner would have something on hand to clean up this mess.

The back of the same hardware store.

The rear of shops near the corner of Wellbank St and Concord Ave.

More of the same.

I think this is Clemont Lane.

A RailCorp signal box of some sort in the foreground.  This is along Queen St, near the Concord West train station.  Note the vandalised hut in the background.  I think it is a RailCorp structure.  Someone has gone to the trouble of having it painted with spray can art, but that has not deterred the vandals from messing it up.

Minor graffiti along Queen St.

More coming in part III.

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