Thursday, July 17, 2008

Survey of Concord area - part II

These were taken around the Brays Point Reserve.  This used to be a slipway for launching small ships, when the area was a shipbuilding site.  Just about everything that stands upright in the area has been tagged.

More tags.



A Sydney Water pumping station of some sort.  Concord Rd is to the left.

More of the pumping station.

The front of the pumping station.

The pumping station.

How you see the pumping station as you drive south along Concord Rd.  Note the the pole holding up the RTA sign has also been tagged.

The front door of this Fire Station across the road has been tagged.

Another defaced substation.

Just so you know where the next photos were taken.

Note the graffiti right along the side of this building across the road.


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