Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brett Park, Drummoyne

This park is on Henley Marine Drive, just before the Iron Cove Bridge.  It is quite a long park, with some sort of civil works going on at one end and a kids playground at the other.

The equipment at the work site has all been vandalised - although this might have occurred when the machinery was at another site.

The toilet block near the playground has been vandalised on two walls.

Equipment in the playground itself has been defaced.

I take it that whoever did this had a bit of a party - the circles are for empty beer bottles and UDL cans and cigarette packets.  I take it that the playground area is a fun place for young kids during the day and older kids at night.

Update - reported to Council Monday 4 August via 9911 6555.  This had to go in as two separate reports, since two different departments within Council take care of this sort of thing.  

Personally, I don't see why they can't send out a handyman with a bucket of grey paint for the toilets, a bottle of paint remover for the slippery slide and a bag for the rubbish, but I'm not privy to the rules and demarcations that Council staff operate under.  

If I'd been carrying my rubbish picker-upper and a plastic bag, I would have taken care of the rubbish myself, but I was only quickly passing through and couldn't stop.  There is of course nothing stopping any member of the public from picking up after delinquents - you could think of it as a mini Clean Up Australia Day involving one person.

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