Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gerard Cole and their vandalised property in Bibby St

This property at 9-13 Bibby St, Drummoyne is starting to look a bit the worse for wear.  This is what it should look like - the sales brochure from Gerard Cole, the Property Consultants who are looking after this site.

Whether via natural or malicious causes, their sign spruiking the property has come adrift and smashed one of the windows.  Oops.

The roller doors on the side that I looked at have started attracting graffiti.

I  think this is next door.

I've contacted them via their website - let's see what response comes back.


Update - got an email from Rocco Tripodi at 11am this morning to say that they're onto it.  That's a quick response - much, much better than a lot of other organisations.

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Four! said...

Thanks for your blog post. We have already organised this to be rectified. Thanks.