Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Telstra - follow up

I went past the Telstra exchange on Great North Road again today to see if it had been cleaned up yet.

Nope.  No progress.  Not even using the good offices of John Murphy MP has had an impact on Telstra.

When I last went past this site on around 15 July, I spotted the Council graffiti removal truck going up the laneway.  

Well, the truck must have come back at some point as the old bowling club opposite the Telstra Exchange has been cleaned up to a reasonable extent.  Note the nice grey wall, which was previously covered in graffiti.

Also note though that the Energy Australia substation has not been cleaned up.  As I discovered recently, Councils have been approaching Energy Australia and asking permission to clean their substations - and Energy Australia has been knocking them back.  You therefore end up in a situation like this where the Council cleans up 90% of the graffiti, but is legally held back from cleaning up the remaining 10%.  That 10% of course just attracts more graffiti back over the entire area, leading to another cleanup at the ratepayer's expense.

I will making enquiries to try and discover why Energy Australia is being so bloody-minded, and whether that attitude can be turned around.

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