Monday, July 21, 2008

Chasing Telstra

I have tried contacting Telstra twice in regard to the appalling state of their exchange building on Great North Road, Five Dock.  My first attempt was in April, my second in June, and nothing has been done about it.

I tried a different tack this morning - I wrote to our Federal Member, John Murphy MP, and asked him to hassle Telstra on my behalf.  All state and federal MP's have a contact page of some sort - it's there for a reason, so we might as well use it.  

Dear Mr Murphy

I would like you to contact Telstra on my behalf in regard to the filthy state of their exchange building on Great North Rd, Five Dock.  I have tried contacting Telstra twice since April with requests to clean up the extensive graffiti at this site, but have had no response, and the site remains a disaster area.

If you make representations on my behalf, Telstra might at least do you the courtesy of responding.

I have posted photos of the site at:


Let's see if Mr Murphy has any more luck than me.  I hope so.  To gauge Telstra's interest in keeping their assets clear of graffiti, I tried this simple test today.  I went to the search section of and typed in "graffiti".  Here is the response:

Says it all really.


22 July 

Got a response today from John Murphy's office:

Mr Murphy has asked me to advise you that we have contacted Telstra in relation to your concerns. 

Telstra has advised that it has been referred to local area management, and they will advise Mr Murphy of the outcome of their site inspection.

I will be in contact again when we receive Telstra's response.

Yours sincerely

Senior Electorate Office
John Murphy MP
Member for Lowe

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