Saturday, August 2, 2008

Victoria Rd, Drummoyne - part 3 of 9

This photo shows a mural on the side of a shop - and a vandalised door right in the middle of it.  I know that there is an argument that murals like this deter graffiti, but you have to wonder when you see something like this.  Also note the signature on the right of the person that painted the mural, and that someone has drawn a line through the bottom signature, presumably as a sign of disrespect to the artist.

The wall opposite the mural - not safe from tagging.

Next to the Village Sourdough Bakery (who do good bread incidentally).

Outside Laing+Simmons - graffiti on a real estate agency really doesn't send the best message about how well that agency will look after your property for you.

A chemist.

Note that this sign by Laing+Simmons has been stuck up over the top of some pre-existing graffiti.  You'd think they'd have the sense to paint over the graffiti before putting the sign up.  I would not be that encouraged to rent this space, given how much the agent cares about keeping it in good condition.

More Laing+Simmons.

By contrast, here is the Warwick Williams agency across the road.  This agency is always immaculate - they take care of their image, and seem to have a lot more pride in their business.

The Post Office on the corner of Lyons Rd and Victoria Rd, with graffiti along the back wall and on the letter boxes out the front.

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