Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Abandoned vehicles

I spotted and reported two abandoned cars today - one in Abbotsford, and the other in what I think is Canada Bay (but it could also be Wareemba).

The first was parked in a car park attached to a playground in Coralie Reserve.

I always photograph the rego sticker, assuming it has one, so that I can tell the Rangers and/or Police when the rego expired.  They tend to take these reports more seriously when you can show that the rego expired over a year ago.

A photo of the location always helps to jog the memory when I get home and report it to Council.

The second car, missing its number plates, and with no visible rego sticker.  The front end was a bit smashed in, so it might have been crashed and left here.  This could be a case where the Police have removed the plates, but have either not informed Council about the car, or the Rangers have not had time to visit it and attach a "tow away" sticker.

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