Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Graffiti around the electorate of Drummoyne - part III

A substation opposite St Ambroses primary school in Stuart St, Concord West.  This doesn't send the best message to kids, so I have emailed the school and asked them to keep an eye on it - essentially "adopting" this bit of infrastructure.  All the school has to do is phone Energy Australia if it gets vandalised, and ask them to clean it up.

Graffiti next to Concord West train station - this is at the entrance to a pedestrian tunnel under the rail line.

The same location.

A vandalised phone box in Cavendish St, Concord West.  A quick bit of googling found this excellent set of links at Strathfield Council.  The site lists two numbers - 13 22 00 and 13 22 03.  Do not use the first number - it is rubbish.  It connects you to a computer system that does not understand the words "vandalism" and "graffiti".   The second number dumped me into a queue, where I sat for a few minutes.  Telstra describe this as a 'pillar box', as opposed I guess to a pay phone that sits in someone else's premises.  I sat on the phone for what felt like 20 minutes whilst an operator took my details and arranged for someone to clean the phone box.  At least I got a reference number - 128869378, and they said they'd have it fixed within 48 hours.

Painted over graffiti in Cavendish St.

Graffiti on a business in the same area.  

More properties around the same area showing signs of past vandalism.

This wall is on Majors Bay Road, near the corner of Smythes St.

I think this is Edwards park in Concord.

I lost count of the number of wooden paling fences like this that had some form of faded tagging on them.  There were so many, I didn't bother photographing them all.

A business at the corner of Mortlake St and Cabarita Road, Concord.

The side of the same business.

The old Anzol Paints factory in Breakfast Point.  This site looks to be slated for demolition, but I find it ironic that a former paint factory is in need of a paint job.

A substation on Cabarita Rd, Cabarita.

A defaced letterbox near the corner of Salt St and Burwood Rd, Canada Bay.  

"Dicktation".  Spelling has gone downhill since I was a youth.

Update - this has been reported to Australia Post (which involved waiting for 21 minutes on the phone).

A Sydney Water control box of some sort near the corner of Ward St and Marceau Drive, Canada Bay.

It's been so heavily vandalised, it's hard to read the sign to determine which authority owns it.  I can just make out "water" under all that paint.  This has been submitted to Sydney Water via their website, and it now has reference number 080710-000064.

I've also asked Sydney Water whether they pass reports like mine onto the Police, or whether they just clean up the graffiti and forget about it.  I'm interested in knowing whether graffiti like this is making it into the crime statistics or not.

Businesses in the Kings Rd light industrial area of Five Dock.

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