Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NSW Court statistics

These statistics are taken from a report on the BOCSAR website into NSW Criminal Courts Statistics, page 28.


Persons charged in 2006 - 121
Number of charges in 2006 - 143

Graffiti is a subset of property damage.  There were 9,278 persons charged with property damage, with a total of 10,125 charges laid.

26 persons appeared in the children's court charged with graffiti related offences, with 18 of them being found guilty.

I have emailed the Bureau asking whether the 2007 statistics are available yet.  

Here is food for thought.

There are around 150 Councils in NSW.  Presumably every Council suffers from graffiti.  121 people were charged in 2006 (no idea how many were convicted).  That means there is some chance that the Police failed to arrest or charge anyone for graffiti offenses in Canada Bay in 2006.  I am going to do a bit of digging and try and find out.  I don't like the idea that people can damage property and have a 100% chance of getting away with it, unless they are brazen or silly enough to be caught red handed.

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