Sunday, July 13, 2008

North Strathfield - even more

Here are some more photos of the North Strathfield area.  I think this is the rear of the old Arnotts factory, which backs onto the rail corridor.

A truck on Queen St.  

Side view of the same truck.

The underside of the Western Motorway.  This has clearly been repainted to cover up graffiti.

Some roadside barriers on Queen St, just under the Western Motorway flyover.  The barriers all the way down the street have been defaced.

A stairway down to Parramatta Road, heavily defaced.

Another view of the road barriers.

More graffiti on the buildings backing onto the railway corridor.

The stairway, showing the other side.

Vandalised street sign.

Graffiti on the front wall of a house.

Graffiti at the rear of McDonald College, and on the sign to the left.

Defaced RTA signal control box on George St.

More graffiti on the back of McDonald College.

A complete contrast - this is The Mews, a redevelopment of the old Arnotts factory on George St.  There is not one iota of graffiti in this entire precinct.  I should have taken a photo of the letterbox, which was a gleaming red colour, completely untouched by unwanted paint.

The area features quaint light posts, which are all in tip top condition.

Even the local electricity substation is in immaculate condition.  This just goes to show that an area can be kept graffiti free if people want it that way - it just takes effort and commitment by all, and the realisation that it is not somebody else's problem.

But just around the corner, beyond the precinct boundary, is a badly vandalised substation.

Another view of the same substation.

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