Monday, July 14, 2008

City West Link graffiti cleanup - followup

The RTA now seems to be taking a more active interest in cleaning up graffiti along the City West Link.  I hope that my niggling letters to the CEO have had some small effect - perhaps lighting a fire under the tail of the manager responsible for this area.

When I drove into the city last week, I noticed a small number of tags on the road side of the noise barriers.  The only way they could get there is if someone stopped their car on the side of the road and jumped out and sprayed a tag - or they walked half a kilometre down the road from the nearest intersection.

Either alternative is blitheringly stupid, and a great way to cause a multi-car pile up or a pedestrian death.

Thankfully, the RTA seems to have realised that the last thing they want is a graffiti linked death on this section of road, so they have started painting over these tags not long after they appear.  Previously, tags like this would last for months.  Now, they last a few days at most.

I have followed this up with another letter to the RTA:

Mr Les Wielinga

Chief Executive

Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW
P.O. Box K198, Haymarket 1240

17 July 2008 


Dr Mr Wielinga 

Cleanup of graffiti along the City West Link 

On 13 June, I wrote to you in regard to cleaning up the “back half” of the noise barriers along the City West Link.  I am pleased to note that since then, your crews have done a superb job along the residential side of the barriers.  The plants have been trimmed, the barriers cleaned of graffiti and the entire area generally tidied up.  It is a vast improvement on its previous condition. 

Unfortunately, it only took a day or two before tags started to re-appear, but the planting of more creepers along the barrier may take care of that eventually.  

I have also noted tags appearing on the side of the barriers facing the road.  Your crews seem to be getting rid of them quickly, which is a good thing.  The only way someone could spray these tags would be if they walked half a kilometre down the City West Link (presumably at night), or if they stopped their car in a 70km/h zone and jumped out to leave a tag.  Either alternative is fraught with danger, and the tags should be removed as rapidly as possible to discourage this senseless behaviour. 

Yours sincerely

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