Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Council staff to report graffiti

The following photos were taken in Taplin Park in Drummoyne.  This park is just down the road from the Council chambers - council staff could easily walk down to this park to eat their lunch.

The arrows are pointing at a Council gardener and his 4WD motorbike.  I think he was doing some mowing.

This is the rubbish bin that he was standing next to.

He was standing not far from this plaque, which commemorates something that a previous Mayor had done.

These rubbish bins were pretty close by as well.

When I got to this spot, I could also see that the toilet block had been vandalised, and various light poles around the park also bore signs of graffiti.

I should have stopped and asked him if he knew how to report graffiti using the Council's reporting system.  Either he has no clue that it exists, or he can't be bothered using it.

This last photo shows the state of the boat ramp that's about 100m from where the gardener was standing when I took the photo of him.  Yes, it could do with a clean out.


Anonymous said...

I had a look for this graffiti and coundn't find it

Not Somebody Else's Problem said...

I should have mentioned that I sent these photos to Council the same day, which is probably why the graffiti is now gone.