Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Five Dock school - followup

Since the Principal of Five Dock Primary is hard to contact during school holidays, I rang the office number for the Sydney region - 9217 4877 - and was told to ring a project manager in the Asset Management department.

I'm not sure why the person answering the phone wasn't able to put me through, since the number she gave me appears to be on the same telephone exchange as the head office - presumably they might even be in the same building, or even the same floor.

But I didn't ask that question - I just rang the person in Asset Management.

He didn't seem too pleased to hear from me, since the usual procedure is for the school to call the Spotless Cleaning helpdesk.  I explained that the Principal was nowhere to be found, and he would just have to live with me breaching the normal protocol.  He grumped a bit and said that he would follow it up for me.  I put the phone down wondering if anything was going to happen.

However, half an hour later, he was standing on the front steps of the school and phoning me to ask if there was any more graffiti around the premises.  That's pretty quick work.

He explained that the normal procedure was for the Principal to contact the Police and get an event number (for insurance reasons) and to then contact Spotless to get it cleaned up.  Without an event number, the insurance won't pay for it.  He said he'd take care of reporting it to the Police and would get the ball rolling.

That is the fastest turnaround yet that I have had from any government agency.

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