Saturday, July 12, 2008

Testing the Council reporting system

I was going past Goddard Park (hence the sign) in Concord today when I noticed that the side of the grandstand around the oval had been vandalised.

There is a playground on the opposite end of this grandstand, and there also happened to be two Council workers in the playground working on the swings.

I stopped and had a chat with the two blokes, asking them if they had used the Council reporting system for graffiti.

One said yes, he used it all the time to report stuff that he spotted when doing maintenance  in locations like the one we were standing in.

The other said that he had never used it.

Well, that's a 50% success rate from a small sample, but it at least shows that staff are aware of the system, know how to use it and most importantly, are using it and are willing to use it.  

I let them know about the graffiti on the other side of the grandstand, since they'd never have seen it from where they were working.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes for it to get painted over.

At least those two staff now know that somebody cares about what they are doing, and is keen to see that they continue to report graffiti, even if it seems a bit pointless at times.

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Did they pass the test?