Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Telstra - the most vandalised site in Canada Bay

A variety of photos taken around the Telstra exchange in Great North Road.  I have tried two different methods of contacting Telstra in regard to cleaning this site up, and neither has worked to date.

A retaining wall fronting the street.

There is a driveway down one side, ending in a dead end.  Although it has lighting, it could easily be fenced off and provided with a CCTV camera or two to deter vandals.

More of the driveway.




The other side of the building, also vandalised.

Note the graffiti on the opposite wall, reflecting off these windows.

The Council graffiti truck went past as I was taking photos.  I was hoping he would stop and tackle some of this mess, but he obviously had another job to go to.

Retaining wall of the old Five Dock RSL Bowling Club - the club has been closed and sold, and the buyer is allowing the site to rapidly decay.  Many clubhouse windows are smashed, others are boarded up, and the whole site is becoming covered in graffiti.  The Telstra exchange is on my right.

More of the retaining wall.

This substation is right in the graffiti target area, so it gets hit as well.

The bowling club.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe its not the driver's job to take the graffiti off non council property (Retaining wall of the old Five Dock RSL Bowling Club )- what does the council's web site say about what he is supposed to do (if anything?)