Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's snapshots - part III

Five Dock public school - the kids are on holidays, no staff are about, so someone has popped around to write some tags around the front entrance.

Minor tags really, but they need to be cleaned up before school starts again in a week.

A fence alongside a nearby house.

Queens Rd - I think the tag scrawled to the right of the entrance has only appeared in the last day or two.

Taggers seem to love roller doors, which I guess means most are applied at night when the businesses are closed and the doors are down.  Graffiti 101.

A business making an effort to paint over tags.  They might as well have painted the entire wall, instead of just blotches over the tags.

Tags on windows at the same location.

A Home warehouse of some sort.

Update - I found the "contact us" section on the Home Hardware website today and left the following message:

The warehouse that you have in Five Dock has been badly defaced wtih graffiti.  Can you please do something about cleaning it up - it does not project a good image for your business.

I find this particular area interesting.  There is a cluster of KFC, McDonalds, a Shell servo, kebab shop and office works in this spot.  The above businesses are generally immaculate, yet the fence in the picture, which is at the back of an SES depot, always gets hit.  I suppose businesses like KFC and McDonalds can't afford to look scruffy, and their management put a lot of effort into keeping the premises spick and span.

The SES have a "contact us" section on their web site, so I left them a message asking them to clean this fence up.

The only other graffiti I could find in this area was at the back of Office Works, in a quiet dead end street that gets no traffic.

There are signs of recently applied paint, which means that someone at this Office Works store is on the ball when it comes to cleaning this muck off.

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