Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lane Cove Australia Post

All my posts to date have been about the area within Canada Bay Council.  Although my photos might give the impression that our area is a graffiti coated mess from end to end, that's not the case.  Most of Canada Bay has much less graffiti than some of our surrounding suburbs - and here are two photos to prove it.

I was in Lane Cove this morning, and found that the main shopping strip has 3 or 4 times more graffiti than say Five Dock, Drummoyne or Concord.  This Australia Post shop is one example - it was been heavily tagged on two sides, and if my experience of getting Australia Post to do anything about it is any guide, it will be like this for some time to come.

The map below gives some idea of the distance between the Police Station (the symbol to the bottom left) and the post office (the symbol about 50 metres up Burns Bay Road to the right).

Undaunted, I rang Australia Post today, and after sitting in a queue listening to music for 21 minutes (I timed it), I was put through to a delightful lady who took down the details of this post office and the "dicktation" letter box in Canada Bay and gave me reference number NH1531415.

My report will now go out to the "hub" (what they seem to call a depot) and the manager there will get someone to take a look.  Apparently the contractors who collect the mail are supposed to report this kind of thing, and the lady taking my call was surprised that no one had bothered to report a two foot long dick drawn on a letter box.  I guess the contractors thought it was somebody else's problem.

And now we sit back and wait for action.

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