Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Abbotsford - part I

I did a quick survey of Abbotsford this morning - and it was quick because there was comparatively little graffiti to see (at least compared to the other regions of Canada Bay).  I know that this is a complete exaggeration, but I got home and said that "There is more graffiti on one shop in North Strathfield than all of Abbotsford".

Alas, minimal graffiti does not mean none.

Here we have some graffiti on a letter box, a fence and some sort of green meter box - Great North Road.

A shop on Great North Road, opposite the primary school.  This area was possibly the worst affected in Abbotsford.

A fence just down the road from the above shop.

Another fence across the road.

Garage behind the shop.

Also across the road from the shop.

Defaced signage.

More defaced signage.

And more defaced signage.

The usual suspect - a substation.

The substation in the foreground is completely free of graffiti - but the building in the background has a bit near the front entrance.

A few tags on a bus shelter.

Another letter box.

Cafe Pavilion, with defaced signage.

Faded graffiti on the wall of a house.

Ironic - a defaced hardware store.  Surely they must have paint in the right colour to fix this up?

Dough - a pizza shop - with some minor graffiti down the side.

Graffiti by midgets on the front of a house.

Some legal spray can art on a shop on Hampden Rd.

More of the same shop.

One of several defaced real estate signs around the area.

Minor tagging on a fence in a back street.

There are a few properties on Great North Road that have a faded tag on their front fence, and the odd scribbled tag here and there - but on the whole, the area is pretty tidy.  Either they aren't getting hit much, or the property owners are right on top of the problem.

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