Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Australia Post - tagged to death

This post is a collection of Australia Post photos that I have put up previously, starting with my all-time favourite - "dicktation".

I reported one of the mailboxes shown here to Australia Post back in May.  I got a letter back saying that it would be cleaned up.  It will be August pretty soon, and I drove past it earlier this week and found that it was still in the same miserable condition that it was in back in May.  Nearly three months, and no action yet.  That tells you everything about where their priorities lie.

Here is what I don't get.  Every single one of these assets is visited by an Australia Post employee or contractor every working day.  Unless Australia Post is employing blind people to empty their mailboxes, they must be noticing the graffiti.  If we accept that Australia Post is not allowing blind people to drive their mail vans, then why aren't their employees and/or contractors reporting it?  If they are, why isn't management doing something about it?

Even if it isn't being reported internally, surely Australia Post managers drive around enough to notice the odd vandalised mailbox or Post Office?  They might not have to drive for work purposes, but don't they notice this kind of thing when they are driving around on the weekend on personal business?  Or do they just not care about it if they spot it on a Saturday, because they are not on duty at the time?

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