Friday, July 18, 2008

Rothwell Park, Concord

I recently went past Rothwell Park in Concord and noticed that there was some graffiti on part of the fenceline around the park, so today I had a closer look.

The fence on the northern side of the park looks like this for most of its length, and it is quite a considerable length.

The graffiti goes on and on and on and on.

The toilet block has collected a couple of tags.


Graffiti on what looks like a player's box.

More of the fenceline.

And more....

...and more...

.....and on it goes......

It even goes down a laneway leading away from the park.

This is just outside the park on a wall around an old Council depot.

More of the Council depot - that fence has not kept vandals out.

The front gate of the Council depot.

The sign has been so vandalised, it is hard to read that this is an Council works depot.

Part of a fence along a drainage easement.

The entire fence on both sides of the easement has been heavily defaced.

A wider view of the easement.

And back to the toilets in Rothwell Park.

Even the Telstra cabling boxes have been vandalised.

It's very hard to see, but the glass in this bus shelter has been etched quite badly.

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