Thursday, July 17, 2008

Survey of Concord area

These photos were taken in the area around Concord Hospital, and along Concord Road.

A substation near Nullawarra Ave.

A different substation, just up the road.

Yet another substation nearby.

The rear of the entrance sign to the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway.

The flipside of the above.

Graffiti on the childcare centre at the Kokoda Track walkway.

Graffiti on power poles along Concord Rd.  I decided to do a survey along this section and photographed every power pole along a short section of road.

Pole No. 1 - vandalised.

Pole No. 2 - vandalised.

Pole No. 3 - vandalised.

Pole No. 4 - vandalised.

Pole No. 5 - vandalised.

Tree - vandalised.

Pole No. 6 - vandalised.

Rear of signage - vandalised.

Flipside of the above.

Pole No. 7 - the only one not to have been vandalised.

So, 6 out 7 poles have been vandalised, plus an old tree.

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