Saturday, July 12, 2008

North Strathfield - more

The grounds North Strathfield station are delightful - a simple garden has been planted out the front and it's neat and clean.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the surrounds.  This house is just down the road from the station.

A train going past - the buildings backing onto the rail corridor are in a shocking state. 

Here are two panoramic views of the railway corridor on the opposite side from Queen St.  You really need to click on each photo to see it in its full, glorious mess. (They are quite large and slow to download).

More of the defaced bike cages at the station.

Just so you know exactly the area that I photographed.

Another defaced light pole - most of the poles in this area look something like this.

Even the charity bins aren't safe.

Note the etching on the glass in this shop window - this glass will have to be completely replaced, which I presume will be quite an expensive exercise.

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