Monday, July 21, 2008

Energy Australia depot - Pomeroy St, Homebush, part II

All of the following photos were taken at the rear of the Energy Australia depot at Pomeroy St, Homebush.  Leaving security signage in this condition does not send a very good message about the security of this depot.


I have written and posted a letter to Mr John Eisenhuth, the boss of Enerserv - the division of Energy Australia responsibly for depots like this.  If you are reading this Mr Eisenhuth, I'm more concerned with speedy action at Pomeroy St than a speedy reply to my letter (although that would be appreciated).

Mr John Eisenhuth

Level 22

570 George St

Sydney NSW 2000

21 July 2008 

Dr Mr Eisenhuth

Cleanup of graffiti around Pomeroy St depot, Homebush 

I wrote to Mr Maltabarow in February regarding graffiti on Energy Australia substations throughout the inner west.  I received a response on this matter, and have since noticed that most substations have been cleaned up.  

However, on the weekend, I went past your depot in Pomeroy St, Homebush, and noticed extensive graffiti around the entire site – including the substation on the street opposite the depot.  I have posted photos at: 


Please arrange to have your depot cleaned up. 

This website also includes numerous photos of recently vandalised substations around the inner west.  I have tried to capture the serial number or asset code of each substation in the photo, so if you have a close look, you can get a good idea of which assets need to be cleaned up.

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