Thursday, July 17, 2008

Five Dock - the daily damage

We start in Five Dock Park.  When I was there, I spotted this Police van and a Police Officer out the front of a retirement home.  Note the vandalised Energy Australia substation to the left - I wonder if any of our local Police ever both to take note of graffiti, or whether they ignore it until someone attempts to report it?

A car park just off Great North Road.

A shop on the corner of Barnstaple Road and Great North Road, showing fresh and faded graffiti.

The same shop.  From what I can tell, someone has walked up or down this street and tagged at least half a dozen shops and streetside items as they went.  If I did an "about face" at this spot, I would be looking straight at Angela D'Amore's office.

A fresh and "cleaned" tag outside a real estate office.

The same office, with other tags.

Tags in closeup.

The apartment block next door - fresh and "cleaned" tags.

Another real estate office, showing signs of having been vandalised in the past.

A Sydney Buses bench, showing signs of old graffiti.

The shop next to this bus stop.

The Five Dock Post Office.  The "Envy" hair salon in the background has been tagged, as has the Post Office and these two letter boxes.  

Note the presence of the Australia Post van - what are the chances of the driver reporting that the letter boxes have been vandalised?

Better view of the vandalised letter boxes.

Envy, showing recent graffiti.

Fred Kelly place - this is no more than a day or two old, since I asked Council to repaint this whole area last month.  I go through here every few days, and this was clean on Monday.

More graffiti in Fred Kelly place - even the bin has been tagged.

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