Monday, July 14, 2008

North Strathfield & Concord - the last photos, I swear

This is the last batch of photos from my quick survey of the western parts of Canada Bay last week.

This is a light industrial site on the western side of Concord West station.

The rail corridor just along from Concord West station.

A RailCorp building of some sort, just down from Concord West station.

The industrial area near Concord West station.

Leading into the pedestrian tunnel under the rail line at Concord West station.

The pedestrian tunnel itself - there is surprisingly little graffiti inside, possibly because of the presence of some CCTV cameras.

A railway building near Concord West station.

Rail signal boxes near Concord West station.

Even this real estate sign has been defaced (in orange).  What chance has the agent got of selling this property now?  Would you buy a property that looks like it will be regularly vandalised?

Defaced light poles, with a defaced wooden fence in the background.

This is Majors Bay Road - note that the three gum trees on the nature strip have graffiti on their trunks.

Just so you know the location that I am talking about.

A fence in Majors Lane.

The carpark in Brewer St.

More of Majors Lane.

Majors Lane.

Majors Lane.

Majors Lane.

And that is where my camera went flat.

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